Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Una ardilla entra a un bar...

La televisión noruega tiene un reality show emitido las 24 horas en esta página web, donde animales como pájaros y ardillas visitan una cafetería de miniatura ubicada en el bosque. Hasta el diario británico The Guardian ha escrito sobre el programa. Pero eso no es todo. También hay una cámara siguiendo la vida de unos cachorritos recien nacidos.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Norwegian lexicon secrets revealed

I was intending to learn JavaScript and HTML, so I came up with an exciting long-term challenge to motivate myself: To create a small website that could tell you which is the best choice of words to play in order to win a Wordfeud game. Not just considering the letters that you have to play each time, but also taking into account the words already on the board... Whatever, someone else has already done it. Just check out this website. Anyway, since I had downloaded the Norwegian word list from Norsk Scrabbleforbundet, I decided to take a closer look...

  • Number of words. There are 622115 entries in the Norsk Scrabbleforbundet's word list. Of those, 514282 can fit in Wordfeud's 15x15 board.

  • Longest word. With 33 letters, the one and only winner is MENNESKERETTIGHETSORGANISASJONENE. I know, it's 3 words in one. That's cheating!

  • The most common word length. It turns out that there are more 10-letter words than any other. Logarithmic scale seemed more appropriated...

  • Words starting with S are the most frequent:

  • The most used letter overall. The figure below reveals that it is the letter E:

  • Double letters. Sometimes double consonants can help differentiate long and short vowels. There are even some double vowels. Which are the double letters appearing the most? 

  • Triple letters. Do they even appear? They do! I was surprised when I found out. It's just a few words and their plurals/definite variants:
GODGUTTTER (a typo, but still it's in the list)  

That's it. Hope you found this post interesting. There is an elephant in the room ... this post is in English! I'll make a Norwegian version soon :)